About Us

✔ We are a group of people that have come together to give MORE to this World: the love of Christ.

✔ We believe that everyone, who recognized Christ in their life, can make the difference.

✔ We are tired to hear only the negative aspects of the World, and therefore want to create a network showcasing the love of Christ through different daily activities.

✔ We are convinced that there is a need to have a free online platform where different organizations (e.g. businesses or charities) that are founded on Christian principles, can have global visibility.

Furthermore, this platform and network will facilitate the wide range of people looking for ‘MORE’ than just an usual experience and will make them aware of the different organizations that do offer it.

Together we can make the difference!

If you would like to be part of this network, go to JOIN THE NETWORK.
For more details about our principles, see Ethical Code.