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Humanitarian Aids

The “Beth-Shalom” Onlus Association was established on the 29th September, 2012. It is fully registered in the Register of the Non-Profit Organizations and it is fully recognized by organizations and institutions such as Police Headquarters, Municipalities, Social Services, Child Protection, Hospitals and so on with which we collaborate on a daily basis.

It is active in various social sectors with the aim of spreading the Gospel. We currently manage a Family Home for the Elderly (offices in Pieve Fissiraga – LO, Massalengo – LO, Madignano – CR).

Moreover, Beth-Shalom aims to give practical help to those who live in a particularly difficult socio-economical and often physical condition . Volunteers engage in the following fields:

  • “I was hungry and you gave me food” department (free distribution of basic foodstuff for people without income or in conditions of “relative poverty”),
  • “I was naked and I got dressed ” department (collection of new and used clothes for families in financial difficulty),
  • ” I was in jail and you came to see me” department (voluntary work for prisoners and ex-prisoners)
  • Crisis Unit (humanitarian emergency due to earthquakes or other disasters).


Beth-Shalom is also recognized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies as an associations that carries out activities in defence of people who are forced into prostitution and need social protection. Women who are victims of human trafficking for sexual exploitation can be assisted through the project “72 hours for Christ”. They often come to us during pregnancy or with children hence why we activated a special program also for mothers and children to be welcomed in “shelter-houses”.

Human Rights
Pastoral Care
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