“Hand in Hand Italia” is a non-profit organization. It was founded by Francesco Caldaralo who had a strong desire in his heart to promote the spiritual, social and cultural development of some rural areas of India. With this God-given vision, he started to work in order to bring those who live in these remote areas to the knowledge of the Gospel. As also Jesus Christ teaches us, Francesco felt the need to accompany the message of salvation with practical help to address people’s basic needs.

In practical terms, we build schools, houses for the homeless, orphanages, churches and lepers. We drill wells and bring water to rural areas. We offer a distance adoption service for HIV-infected children and distance support for people suffering from leprosy. We teach local pastors to read and write. We provide training courses for parents to pass on sound principles of parental responsibility, education and hygiene.

This and more is our commitment to these areas.

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