Humanitarian Aids


“Istituto per la Famiglia” is an association founded in Gallico (RC) of voluntary work, Civilian Service and Civil Defense, having as main goal the promotion of the “family” with the Christian principles.

The aim of the association is to recover families helping them found the right position is society, supporting them practically by offering bureaucracy support in all regions of Italy through local offices.

The current approved projects are:

  1. Progetto Comes – Founded to help disabled children in schools.
  2. Civil Defense – Helping the National Civil Defense providing volunteers and goods. The project “Timoteo” focuses on the spread of Civil Defense values.
  3. Sportello Amico – Offers assistance, support and welcome to the week categories of society promoting social inclusion and integration of migrants.
  4. Giovani Protagonisti – Offers assistance and integration of young people emarginated by society.
  5. Cento assistenza donne – Offers assistance and practical help to woman with dependent children, flighting against domestic violence.
  6. Un aiuto con il cuore – Provide goods and basic necessities to the ones in need.
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