Islamecom is an association of Evangelical Christians specialized in Islamic studies who studies Islam and aims to inform Christians in terms of theology in a peaceful and respectful manner towards Muslim people. The aim of the association is to bring the message of hope of Jesus Christ with transparence and frankness.

The members of the association are from different nations and do not belong to a specific evangelical denomination, but simply work together serving the common interest.

The term Islamecom has been created combining the words “Islam” and “Comparatio”, a Latin term which means ‘comparison’. In fact, the purpose is to compare Islam with Christianity, exposing the authentic doctrine of Islam. On the one hand, the Koran and Muhammad’s message, on the other hand, the Bible and Jesus’ message.

Islamecom refers mainly to the Christian audience, however, the laic public may benefit and find the material useful to discover this huge and composite field too.

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