Jesus Revolution was started in 1997 in Norway by Stephan and Anne Christiansen with a vision to make the Gospel available to the youth of Europe and the World.
From then on, they have made evangelistic events and outreaches in over 900 cities in 35 nations.

Jesus Revolution helps youth grow in the passion for Christ, equipping, inspiring and involving them in the spreading of the Gospel and training with the support of local churches and leaders.

The aims of Jesus Revolution are:

  1. Preaching the Gospel – This is held directly in the streets, squares, in schools, universities and through any social medias. The aim is to reach youth with the message of the Cross.
  2. Training and teaching – A school was founded to train on missionary life (Mission Academy) with a two-year course for evangelism, discipleship and leadership. Furthermore, special events for pastors and leaders are organized.
  3. Mobilizing believers – After the training, young missionaries are sent to all their nations, to mobilize youth in local churches and help them spread the Gospel. They are also encouraged to participate to brief missionary trips based on preaching the Gospel and praying for sick people, experiencing an evangelistic lifestyle.
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