The “La Bussola” association was founded in 2012 by private initiative, and carries out its activities in favor of children and young people from all social, cultural and ideological backgrounds.

La Bussola provides laboratories (cooking, theater, decoupage, cinema, painting, art), relaxing moments (board games, material manipulation, listening to various stories and practical applications of the same), school support and motor activities.

The purpose of the association is to reach children and young people with whom to realize, through group experience, generosity, acceptance, forgiveness, tolerance: ethical themes and Christian values rediscovered in all their vitality in sharing the gospel and teaching of the church.

Creativity, quality of the relationship, constant attention to the cognitive and emotional needs of children, cooperative environment and respect for others are the strengths of our service.
La Bussola is a playful and educational space entirely and exclusively dedicated to children and teenagers.

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After school activity centre