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Graduated in Communication, Media and Advertisement, Emanuele is a free-lance writer and music blogger.

After working for a long period as deejay, on 2004 he writes his first book “Il Lato Occulto della Musica” (the occult side of Music). After the big success of this book, in 2011 he opens the Facebook page “Oltre la Musica” (beyond Music) where he explains the underhand works of entertainment industry. In a short time he becomes one of the most experts in Italy and his page becomes a reference for all the fans of this topic.

In February 2013 he publishes his second inquiry essay “Oltre la musica, simboli e messaggi subliminali” (Beyond music, symbols and subliminal messages).

In March 2013 he is interviewed by Lucilla Aposti for the TV show “Mistero” (Mistery) exposing the results of his researches and in 2016 he writes his first thriller-mistery novel “Insider. Dentro la setta” (Insider. Into the sect).

In May 2018, Emanuele wins the Holmes Awards 2018 with his novel, as “best plot”. In October of the same year, he comes back to his biggest passion: inquiry. He published the essay “Che male c’è? I giovani e il fascino dell’occulto: musica, videogames e serie TV” (What’s wrong with it? Youth and the charm of occultism: music, videogames and TV series) where he analyzes the way entertainment industry persuades people through occult techniques from a scientific, sociologic and Christian stand point.

Besides an intense activity of lecturer, today he collaborates with Radio Time, a known radio in Sicily, where he holds “Mystery Time”, a show dedicated to music mysteries and others.

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